Victor Central School District uses a variety of technologies to support and enhance the educational process. Every effort is made to prepare our students for a technology dependent college or workplace. Students at all grade levels utilize computer technology for information gathering, research, reports and presentations. We have a sophisticated computer network and high speed internet access to serve all students and staff members. Students using computers located in classrooms, labs, rolling laptop carts and libraries can access a wide variety of software as well as the Internet

Contact Information

Angela Affronti
Director of Technology
585-924-3252 ext 1110

John Grossi
Network Specialist
585-924-3252 ext 1114

Danielle Pollok
Computer Services Assistant
585-924-3252 ext 1113

Chrissie Venturo
Administrative Assistant
585-924-3252 ext 1112

Important Informatio

Instructional Technology

The Victor Central School District  is committed to having an instructional environment that is engaging and reflects the best practices in instructional design and delivery, including instructional technology.

  • We will provide students with the instructional technology tools and resources that will set them up for success in college and careers.
  • Computers, Chromebooks, and ipads will be available to students to use in their learning.
  • Current versions of apps and programs will be used to maximize learning and productivity. 
  • Safe access to the Internet will be provided to connect students to information and resources from around the world.

Instructional Technology Leadership Committee 

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