Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The development of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recommendations is an action step from our Five Year Strategic Plan and are a result of months of work by many staff, students, administrators, Board members, and community members. This was a collaborative exercise, where many individuals were given the opportunity to provide input. 

The goal of the DEI Recommendations is to improve our ability as a school district to make sure every child feels valued, supported and heard, regardless of their differences, and to make sure our differences are looked upon as strengths. The major themes of the DEI Plan are:

  • Assess our current state as a District in terms of school culture and policies as they relate to equity and inclusion. 

  • Assess how marginalized subgroups are doing in terms of participation in clubs, athletics, music ensembles, etc. as well as academic achievement. This includes representation in special education, the discipline cycle, etc. 

  • Based on the above assessments, amend areas that need improvement while also growing our overall knowledge (students and staff) of one another’s differences and appreciation of these differences.

  • Enhance our curriculum review process so that our curriculum is as inclusive as possible and reflects the growing diversity of our current world, without compromising rigor.

  •  Increase student voice to allow for all voices to be heard while also increasing the toolbox of staff to better address “in the moment” issues tied to equity and inclusion.

  • Communicate our actions transparently with the staff and community.

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