Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes

September 27, 2021

Dear Elementary School Families, 

This school year we will be having a trained professional from Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes present lessons on the topic of Personal Safety. The New York State Department of Education mandates that all students are presented a lesson on the topic of Personal Safety. Throughout the months of October and November, all students in UPK-6 will be receiving a lesson designed for their grade level that is developmentally appropriate.  
Tentative Schedule: ECS 10/4-10/16, VPS 10/18-10/29, VIS 11/01-11/24

The lessons will include information on ways to keep our bodies safe, OK touches and not OK touches, OK secrets and not OK secrets, and our 3 safety rules:

  1. NO    Yell “NO” if you feel unsafe, so people around you know you do not feel safe
  2. GO    Get away to a safe place
  3. TELL Tell a trusted adult and keep telling until someone helps you        

We encourage families to discuss these safety rules at home following the presentation.  

If you would like more information about any of the presentation materials prior to the lesson, please visit this website: or contact the main office of your child’s school.

Thank You, 
Duane Weimer VCS Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics | 585-924-3252 x6306
?? VCS Director of Educational & Support Services | 585-924-3252 x3145
?? Early Childhood School Principal | 585-924-3252 x2400
Heidi Robb Primary School Principal | 585-924-3252 x3400
Ashley Socola Intermediate School Principal | 585-924-3252 x4400
Amanda Muster VCS K-6 Health Education Coordinator / Junior-High Health Teacher