New STAR Law Requires Income Verification

New STAR Law Requires Income Verification

Enrollment Deadline is March 1, 2019

The New York State Department of Taxation announced that beginning this tax year senior citizens eligible for the state’s Enhanced STAR tax program must now verify their income to remain in the program.

Previously, eligible senior citizens had the option of enrolling in the Income Verification Program (IVP), a program developed several years ago to combat fraud. Under the new law, enrollment in the IVP is now mandatory.

To enroll in IVP, seniors must renew their Enhanced STAR application and complete and IVP form. Both can be found on the New York State Tax Department’s website at

Under the new guidelines, you only need to enroll once in the program to receive the exemption each year, as long as you’re eligible. The enrollment deadline is March 1, 2019.

Forms should be submitted to the resident’s local tax assessor.

Enhanced STAR gives back a portion of the school taxes on seniors’ primary residences if they are 65 years or older and full under the income cap. The 2019-2020 income cap is $86,300.

There is a total of 1121 Enhanced STAR exemptions and 3971 basic STAR exemptions in the Victor School District.