VCS Moving to New Phone System

VCS Moving to New Phone System

This April break Victor Central Schools will be moving to a new phone system campus-wide. The new technology replaces a nearly twenty year old infrastructure.

VCS Director of Technology, David Henderson said all phone extensions, with the exception of District Office lines, will be changed to support the new technology.

Below are the main office and attendance extensions for each building as well as administrative extensions. For specific staff members’ numbers, please see the staff directory on our website:

Phone: 585-924-3252

Early Childhood School, Grades Pre-K, K & Grade 1: x2600
Attendance:  x2620
Dorothy DiAngelo, Principal
Melissa Goho, Assistant Principal

Primary School, Multiage, Grades 2 & 3: x3600
Attendance: x3620
Jennifer Check, Principal
Leah Kedley, Assistant Principal

Intermediate School, Multiage, Grades 4-6: x4600
Attendance: x4620
Kevin Swartz, Principal
Michele Maloney, Assistant Principal

Junior High School, Grades 7 & 8: x5600
Attendance: x5620
Brian Gee, Principal
David Thering, Assistant Principal

Senior High School, Grades 9-12: x6600
Attendance: x6485
Brian Siesto, Principal
Carrie Goodell, Amy Shannon, and Karl DuBash, Assistant Principals

Dawn Santiago-Marullo, Ed.D.
Superintendent of School: x1402

Zdenek Chumacero
School Resource Officer: x6413 

Joeseph Dougherty
Assistant Superintendent for Business: x1410

Darren Everhart
Director of Transportation: x7600

Maureen Goodberlet
Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk: x1402

James Haugh
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel: x1416

David Henderson
Director of Computer Services: x1110

Sherri Lasky
School and Community Relations: x1407

Christopher Marshall
Director of Facilities and Operations: x7127

Sheila McCarthy
Interim Director of Special Programs and Compliance: x1451

Veronica Puglisi
Director of Educational and Support Services: x1456

Kristin Swann
Associate Superintendent of Educational Services: x1406

Alix TePoel
Director of Food Services: x6470

Duane Weimer
Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics: x6306

Liz Welch
School and Community Relations: x1408