Senior Tyler Hopson Does the Right Thing

Senior Tyler Hopson Does the Right Thing

“Look Out For One Another.” That’s what Senior Tyler Hopson did one morning last month when he arrived for school.

“I was on my way into school and waiting in the line to go and park with my sister, Grace. We heard that terrible sound of metal hitting metal right next to us. I turned and saw a car ramping the baseball fence and hitting a tree. I immediately got out of the car and ran over fully expecting for it to be a teenager on their phone. When I got to the car it was a man who was unresponsive.  I forgot my phone in the car so I asked a woman near the accident for her phone and called 911.”

Hopson said he would later learn that his sister had also contacted their mom, a School Psychologist at the Junior High and she had already alerted VCS Resource Officer, “Deputy Z” about the emergency. The VCS Quick Response Team also arrived almost instantly keeping the accident victim calm until an ambulance arrived. 

When asked why he jumped in so quickly to help a stranger, Hopson said he thinks it has to do with how he was raised. “All I could think about was if that was one of my parents I would want someone to do the same thing. My parents have always pushed me to be the best person I can be. This experience validated how important it is to look out for one another, especially in the times we’re in right now,” Hopson said.

It is not surprising that after he graduates, Hopson plans to attend college and pursue a career in the medical field. And already, much like a doctor, Hopson said he followed up with the accident victim and is happy to report he is doing well!