Evangelista-Balduzzi Named Recipient of Volunteer Committed to Service Award

Evangelista-Balduzzi Named Recipient of Volunteer Committed to Service Award

Victor resident, Jessica Evangelista-Balduzzi has been named the recipient of the 2022 Volunteer Committed to Service Award.  

The Volunteer Committed to Service award was created by Victor Central Schools and the Victor Teachers’ Association to pay tribute to those individuals who give of their time and talents to VCS, whether it is through one major event or years of service to a group of students and/or building.  

Evangelista-Balduzzi, the parent of three children at VCS, was selected for her work in expanding The Spot to students in Victor.  The Spot is a non-profit organization that provides free school supplies, clothing, shoes, personal care items and food support to children. 

Primary School Principal, Heidi Robb, said that Evangelista-Balduzzi is instrumental in organizing volunteers and resources for The Spot, located in the VPS resource room.  She continually monitors supplies and replenishes them as needed. She is also active in publicizing The Spot and recruiting donors to be sure there are enough resources for all students at VCS. “This is a huge undertaking and Jessica has made it happen for our students in Victor! There will be so many families that benefit from the intensive work that Jessica has done to bring The Spot to Victor. It is an honor to work with her,” Robb said.

Evangelista-Balduzzi said she is deeply honored to receive the Volunteer Committed to Service Award. “The Spot’s expansion helps create an environment where every child has what they need to succeed in school, and in turn, benefits our entire community. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve VCS in this important way,” she said.

In addition to supporting The Spot, Evangelista-Balduzzi is actively involved with the PTSA and a member of the Building Council at the Early Childhood School and the Primary School.

The VCS Board of Education with honor Evangelista-Balduzzi at its regular meeting on Thursday, May 12th at 7:15pm in the Early Childhood School Boardroom.