Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Update
This summer, the Victor Central School District joined forces with the University of Rochester Warner School on an exciting endeavor that will set the course for its’ work over the next five years – developing a new Strategic Plan. 

The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to update District goals and develop new action steps that create a more targeted focus on what’s important for our students to learn in the 21st century.  

Phase One 
The first phase of the process concentrated on taking a true look at the current state of the District. This was accomplished by gathering data on all aspects of our academic programing, looking at student achievement through a variety of lenses, and reviewing the overall culture of our District. Data was gathered multiple ways: through an in-person Community Forum held on August 31, a series of student and staff focus groups, and an on-line community survey.  

More than 40 parents and community members took part in the Community Forum, several hundred students, teachers, and staff members participated in strategic planning focus groups, and nearly 1,000 parents and other community members completed the on-line survey. 

Phase Two
On Wednesday, December 8th, the District completed phase two of the plan. This phase involved the formation of a large council made up of various volunteer stakeholders that consisted of students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members. The group met for four full days from October to December (10/20, 11/9, 11/18 and 12/8) to study and synthesize the data collected during Phase One and create a rough draft of the new Strategic Plan. A preliminary draft of the plan is slated for completion by February, 2022.