Student Registration

Dear Parent/Person in Parental Relation, 

Thank you for your interest in Victor Central School District (the “District”). In order to standardize the registration process, we ask that you provide the following information along with the attached registration paperwork.

Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing, for the foreseeable future, we are asking you to complete the registration packet and mail directly to:
        Chris Overfield, Registrar
        District Office
        953 High Street
        Victor, New York. 14564 

You can print, complete, scan and email your registration form(s) to Chris at

Please provide this information as promptly as possible, as the District is required to determine whether your child is entitled to continued enrollment in the District within four days of your initial enrollment request. Your failure to provide the following information may put your child’s continued enrollment in jeopardy.

If you have any questions with respect to the foregoing or in regards to the enclosed registration packet, please contact Sheila McCarthy, Interim Director of Special Programs and Compliance, at 585-924-3252, extension 1451.