Superintendent of Schools

Friday, September 11, 2020

Hello Everyone,

This is Tim Terranova, the proud Superintendent of the Victor Central School District. First, I want to recognize today's solemn history as the 9-11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. For those that were old enough, 9-11 2001 will never be forgotten for its tragedy and loss. It has also been memorialized to remember those we lost, including our incredible first responders, and a day of commitment to our fellow citizens.

With this spirit I want to thank all of you for your commitment to your children and our school district. It was an incredible first two days and fantastic to have our children back, whether in person or online.  We are looking forward to next week and a full week of instruction. A special thanks to our staff for their commitment to the critical work of educating our children. 

Thank you so much for following through with the health screening form every day. I know it can be cumbersome, but it is critical to our ability to stay open. We will continue to review the expectations of this form and will make adjustments if we are able based on health department guidelines. 

Thanks also for your patience with transportation and traffic. We will continue to look at ways to safely speed up the pick up of your kids as we become accustomed to traffic patterns over the next week.

Please continue to look for updates on our website, both on the district as well as our building websites. We are planning on having a Town Hall to listen to feedback from you the week of September 21st. 

Have a great weekend.

Take care,

Tim Terranova

Superintendent Victor Central School District
Phone: 585-924-3252 ext. 1402 
Twitter: @VictorCSD_Super