Personal Philosophy

I believe schools should be places where everyone learns. I want to lead a school district where …

  • Children are valued above everything else.
  • Every single decision is made with the best interest of the child in mind.
  • The focus is on providing students with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in their lives. 
  • Everyone is focused on doing whatever it takes so that children will learn and succeed.

I want to be a leader in a school district where, as each child walks across the stage to receive his/her high school diploma, every member of the staff will be able to say, “I gave him/her my very best and he/she is ready to go out into the world and succeed.” 


Victor Central Schools will be a high performing learning organization where all children and adults thrive. 


In order to continue to prepare children for the 21st century and ensure that VCS graduates are prepared to thrive in our rapidly-changing world, my goals as superintendent are:

  • GOAL 1: Continue our student-centered focus to promote high academic, artistic, and athletic achievement for our students.
  • GOAL 2: Ensure effective district governance through continued positive and productive Board-Superintendent relations.
  • GOAL 3: Foster a relationship with school district personnel and community members that is based on public trust and confidence in my leadership through open, honest communication and positive working relationships.
  • GOAL 4: Develop a future-focused strategic plan to maintain our well-earned reputation for academic success, school safety, state-of-the art technology, well-kept facilities and a staff second to none.
  • GOAL 5: Foster continued family/community support and involvement at all grade levels to ensure that VCS continues to be a strong presence in the community.
  • GOAL 6: Create a network of contacts and resources that will support me in my work.
  • GOAL 7: Analyze our current status and identify additional opportunities to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency and build on our strengths as a school and community.