Welcome to Victor Intermediate School
Grades 4 – 6


Kevin Swartz – Principal
Michele Maloney – Assistant Principal

Student Class Schedule – 9:15 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Extra Help/ Co-Curricular Activity Period 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

The Victor Intermediate School supports over 1000 students in grades 4-6. While VIS is a large elementary building, many structures exist within our school that makes if feel small for students and families. Teaching Teams, grade level counselors, and a unique schedule assist our staff in building strong relationships with students and families. At VIS, teaching and learning, both in terms of academics and social growth, are our highest priorities. Each day, we strive to instill a growth mindset in our students as we recognize this is a key factor in determining student success in school and beyond. We are fortunate to be part of a community that supports our school mission and collaborates to provide our students with a rich and positive school experience.    

Our Motto

We Respect Ourselves, We Respect Others, We Respect VIS.   

At VIS, we consistently emphasize the important concepts of respect, civility, and kindness. Our motto supports this work and provides us opportunities to acknowledge students for the many positive choices they make. Whether it be in the classroom, hallways, or the cafeteria, our motto and expectations around respect are consistently provided to students at VIS. At the same time, our motto serves as a guide for learning and reflection for our students in times when choices may not have been ideal. In working with young adolescents, we recognize that our children will periodically make mistakes. As students progress through VIS, it is our hope that students will begin to live up to our motto daily, even when “no one” may be watching. Development of these character traits is a worthy endeavor and we appreciate the support our families provide us in referencing our motto during teachable moments. In doing so, we all can play a role helping students transition to respectful and responsible citizens in our community.

Our Structure

At VIS, students are placed on a two person teaching team. One teacher specializes in the area of English-Language Arts while the other focuses upon Math. This affords teachers to become “experts” in their areas of instruction while also allowing our students to connect with a variety of peers.  Great care is taken to create balance across teams in terms of student abilities and needs. Special education teachers also serve students across teams in co-teaching models as well as in 12:1:1 and 12:1:3 settings. In addition to our teaming model, VIS also offers a Multi-Age Program for students in grades 4 and 5. Providing our students with opportunities to work with multiple teachers throughout the day assists in the building of relationships and assists in bridging the gap as our students transition to the Junior High School. To further support social/emotional growth, a school counselor is attached to each grade level and remains with the group during their time at VIS.

WIN Block (Whatever I Need)

At VIS, we recognize that all students are unique. As such, it is critical to provide flexibility in our instruction in order to meet student needs. Each week, all of our students are provided with an additional 100 minutes of instruction in both ELA and Math during our WIN block. In addition to providing identified students with Academic Intervention Services (AIS), this block also affords students opportunities to receive pre-teaching and re-teaching, grade-level academic support and practice, or extension/enrichment opportunities. This block is flexible for students and assist VIS in maximizing our targeted instructional time with students.

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