Parent Groups

We have a number of parent groups who help support the district and our students. Contact information for each group is below

Fundraising Form

Group Contact Phone
Alpine Skiing Beth Pero 585-471-6527
Baseball John Ryan 585-278-5205
Basketball - Boys Scott Summerson 585-530-9840
Cheerleading Lori Guck
Sue Trass
Cross Country/Track Katie Maxwell
Gary Myers

Kristin Williams

Golf - Boys Leslie Summerson 585-301-8695
Golf - Girls Shannon Hersh 585-329-3575
Ice Hockey Cristie Rydzynski 585-478-2684
Lacrosse - Boys Julie LaRue 585-281-2289
Lacrosse - Girls Amy Gelabert  
Soccer - Boys Leonard Fiorica  
Soccer - Girls Tim Ashe  
Softball Karyn Powell 585-705-1647
Swim - Boys Dean Ginder 585-721-2053
Swim - Girls Angie Baggett  
Tennis - Boys Melissa Miller 585-455-5812
Tennis - Girls Marcie Seiler
Tony Harvey
Volleyball - Boys Chuck Hall 585-924-7511
Volleyball - Girls Colleen Murphy 585-313-2727
Wrestling Jill Attardi 716-907-4102
Marching Blue Devils Cindy Cunningham
Julie Merges
Color Guard Cameron Speranza 585-953-1173
Victor Percussion Ensemble Mark Gowman