Clubs & Activities

At Victor High School, we encourage students and teachers to get involved in extra-curricular activities. If you have an idea for a new club or activity, speak to one of our administrators at any time during the year.

Aquatics Leaders Club

The Aquatic Leaders Club is a service organization that supports the Aquatic Programs at Victor Central School. In the past they have been involved in the Kidney Foundation Golf Tournament, Victor Cares Carnival and Dollars for Scholars. They also work as lifeguards and swimming instructors for our evening recreation swim program and after school swim lesson program.
Advisor: Ms. Potenza

Armed Forces Club

The Armed Forces Club is for students considering entering any military school or military branch after graduation. Guest speakers from the different branches are invited to speak to members about their service and students have the opportunity to practice military drills.
Advisor: Mr. Metzger

Art Club

The Art Club offers visual art experiences for both the serious art student as well as the student who just wants to enjoy and appreciate art. It promotes active participation and engagement in the arts, from creating objects, to visiting artist studios and art galleries. You do not have to be taking an art class to become a member of Art Club. It is for those who love the Arts. We are also committed to finding ways to promote the arts in various ways within our community. Annual fundraising events help us contribute to organizations such as the Victor-Farmington Food Cupboard, reduce Art Gallery field trip ticket prices for members, and fund a scholarship that goes to a Victor senior who will be continuing his/her studies in the fine arts at the college level. The election of officers will be this fall after our first meeting the third week in September.
Advisor: Mr. Reddout

Big Time Friends

Victor Junior and Senior High schools offer this unique program to support students in forming friendships and improving social interaction skills called Big Time Friends. Utilizing trained peer mentors, students with disabilities engage in activities targeting specific skill areas which may need strengthening. Big Time Friends Club meets the first Tuesday of the month during activity period.
Advisors: Mrs. White and Mrs. Bossard

Chess Club

Chess Club is open to high school students, grades 9-12 who are interested in playing chess, from beginners to masters. Members may choose to be club members only (non-competitive) or competitive members. Chess team members compete against chess players from other schools approximately once a month for six months. Chess club meets 1-2 times per week (during 5th period).
Advisor:  Mr. Horst

Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022

Various activities are planned throughout their four years such as dances, homecoming, fundraisers, trips etc. All students are encouraged to participate. Please see your class advisors for details.
Class of 2019 — Mrs. Wuest and Mr. Dahlstrom
Class of 2020 — Mr. Caughlin and Mr. Waples
Class of 2021 — Ms. Stekl and Mrs. Westbrook
Class of 2022 — Mrs. Merkley and Mr. Buttram


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools around the globe. The club is recommended for students enrolled (or previously enrolled) in a business class. DECA helps to develop leadership characteristics, self-confidence, teamwork and competencies needed in the workplace. The DECA experience isn't for one kind of member with one specific set of goals. The DECA experience is about exploring your options, discovering new paths and experiencing opportunities you never knew existed. Students select a field of interest and have opportunities to compete at a regional, state and international level. All DECA members compete at the regional competition this December at RIT. If you want to prepare yourself for a future filled with opportunities and achievements, then you're ready to join DECA.
So, the question is, are you READY FOR IT?
Advisors: Mrs. Utz and Mr. Cutaia
DECA website

Drama Club

Drama Club sponsors the Fall Play and the Spring Musical, Improv Night, Variety Show and morning announcements. They also organize field trips to see local theater shows and productions. Drama Club is open to all students who are interested in the many aspects of theatrical performance.
Advisors:  Mr. Hawkinson and Mr. Mayne

Theater Webpage

First Robotics

The FIRST Robotic Competition is an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The program is a life-changing, career-modeling experience and a lot of fun.
Advisors:  Mr. Fleckenstein and Mrs. Gydesen

French Club

French Club is for those students who would like to expand their French beyond the classroom. The club is open to current or former French students and they meet once a month during 5th period. A variety of activities, trips and projects are planned throughout the year.
Advisor:  Ms. Stekl

Go Green Garden Team

The Go Green Garden Team provides hands-on opportunities for students to gain life skills to grow food, support local families through donations to the Victor Farmington Food Cupboard, provide food for our school community, and use farm-to-table recipes to create and sample food with some of our harvest.
Advisor: Mrs. Bolger

Global Competency Club

The Global Competency Program provides opportunities for learning experiences in international business, technology, foods, arts, languages and cultures around the world. Students who have an interest in global issues and cultural learning are encouraged to attend. A certificate can be earned upon completion of 12 experiences.
Advisors: Mrs. Estochen and Mrs. Rydzynski 

International Club

International Club provides opportunities to help students learn about cultural diversity, based on core values of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance. It is open to all students interested in global awareness.
Advisor: Mrs. Sanzotta

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble is an extra-curricular music group that meets on Monday evenings from November-May. It is an audition-based group that offers participants a classic jazz experience.
Advisor:  Mr. Pelton

Key Club

Key Club is a community service organization affiliated with the Victor/Farmington Kiwanis Club. There are about 250 members and they meet the second Tuesday of every month. They have sponsored numerous events such as the Pumpkin Walk, Hampton Inn Christmas Party, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, the Primary School Holiday Shop, the Senior Citizens Ball and much more.
Advisor:  Mr. Waples
Key Club Website

Literary Magazine

Literary Magazine is a vehicle for student creative expression. We publish student writing and artwork so that our learning community will be enriched. We meet periodically throughout the year (watch for announcements this fall). You may join our staff and/or submit your creative work.
Advisor:  Mr. Lowe

Marching Band

Field Band is an extra-curricular music activity that is competitive in nature. It offers students an opportunity to learn such things as pride in ones achievements, teamwork and sportsmanship. There are approximately 100 members every year. Band members must have some experience to be a musician member. Color guard is open to all students. The Marching band meets Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays in September and October. They usually have one out of state trip.
Advisor:  Mr. Everhart


Masterminds is a competitive academic team coached by Mrs. Schlueter and Mr. Purdie. Teams compete for 10 point tossup questions as individuals and bonus questions, which the team works on collaboratively. This has been a very successful academic team at Victor.
Advisor: Mrs. Schlueter and Mr. Purdie

Math Academic Team

Students practice for, and participate in, monthly Monroe County Math League competitions. Members will also have the opportunity to participate in several national level problem solving contests. The team is open to all students, at any level of math, and has approximately 50 members. See your math teacher for more information.
Advisor: Ms. Knickerbocker and Mrs. Knapp

Medical Explorers

Our school nurse advises a club for students interested in any of the many medical and health related careers. Students will visit work sites, interview people working in current health and medical professions and study the future of medical and health careers. Community service is an integral part of the club. Our motto is "Experience how good it feels to help someone."
Advisor:  Mrs. Spitzer

Mentor Program - Link Crew

Link Crew is a nationally recognized year-long transition program designed to guide freshmen and new students towards academic and social success in high school. This is done by pairing upperclassmen (Link Leaders) with incoming freshmen and new students in order to provide them with support, connection, and a sense of comfort and belonging. Link Leaders are selected in May, followed by an extensive leadership training in August. The Link Leaders facilitate the Freshmen Orientation, New Student Orientation and various activities throughout the year.
Advisor:  Mr. Dorofy and Ms. Rotoli

National Honor Society

National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization of students who demonstrate scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Students must meet academic eligibility requirements (92+ average) and be selected by a faculty committee. To remain an active and eligible member in NHS, students are expected to complete a minimum of 12 hours of community/volunteer experience each year, record these hours in the NHS folder in Google Classroom and write a reflection each marking period to document how they have demonstrated scholarship, leadership, service, and character.
Advisors:  Mrs. Brion and Mr. Thompson

Outdoor Activities Club (OAC)

The OAC is an organization that offers students an opportunity to participate in an educational outdoor wilderness experience. A variety of trips are held throughout the year and are open to any student attending Victor High School. Mandatory pre-trip classes will be held prior to each trip to prepare students in the necessary skill and knowledge. All classes will be held 5th period. OAC usually offers 2-3 trips per year and have 6-7 students per trip.
Advisor:  Mrs. Ahern

Positive School Climate Committee (PSCC)

The PSCC helps promote positivity, unity and kindness at VSHS. This student-led group implements school wide events, brings in guest speakers and helps foster leadership in students. Join PSCC if you would like to make a difference at VSHS!
Advisor:  Mrs. Shannon

Percussion Drumline

The Victor Indoor Percussion Ensemble consists of approximately 30 students in grades 7-12 performing in competition with percussion instruments. The focus is on artistic expression, physical achievement and sportsmanship.
Advisor:  Mr. Gowman


Quidditch is based on the fast paced and exciting game played in the Harry Potter books. Join your favorite house run by different teachers in the school. The club is open to all students and it meets on Wednesdays in room 102/GYM.
Advisor: Mrs. Dunbar

S.E.A.S. Club

The S.E.A.S. Club stands for Student Environmental Awareness Society. The motto is to be dedicated to enhancing the environmental experience for all students. Those who join the club are expected to come to meetings, participate in fundraisers and do the volunteer work that is planned. A few things planned for this year are Envirothon-County and state level environmental/academic competition in topics such as forestry, wildlife, soils aquatics and current events, Adopt-a-Highway, several fundraisers, picnic and a white water rafting trip. S.E.A.S. Club is open to all students.
Advisor:  Mr. Cronmiller

Spanish Club

Spanish Club celebrates Latin American and Hispanic culture through various activities such as food samples, National Foreign Language Week, dance lessons and many more to be announced during the year. The club is open to all students and usually has 30-40 members.
Advisor:  Mrs. Richelsen

Student Council

Student Council provides students with the opportunity to voice their opinion on issues that affect their experience at VCS and abroad. It provides students with enjoyable activities in order to balance their educational opportunities and to improve the community through community service.
Advisors:  Ms. Knickerbocker and Mrs. Page

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Tri-M is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities and to inspire others to excel at music and leadership. Music students are carefully selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and service. Selection of students takes place in June and the induction ceremony is in October.
Advisor:  Mr. Pelton

Victor Cares Club

The Victor Cares Club focuses on serving our local community. Students organize various fundraisers and activities throughout the year, including a carnival for younger children and the monthly Snack Pack program for district families.
Advisors:  Mrs. Birkemeier and Mrs. McManis

Winter Guard

Winterguard is an extra-curricular activity that is competitive in nature. It offers students an opportunity to learn about theatrics, role playing, equipment technique, dance and movement principles as well as team work and sportsmanship. It is an audition-based group that offers participants experiences at the national, regional and local level. The Winterguard rehearses on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons. Competitions are Saturday evenings. The Winterguard season takes place from November to April with competitions starting in January.
Advisor: Miss Camaryn Speranza


Yearbook is an extra-curricular activity that involves all grade levels. Yearbook club members can take on one or more of many roles including: photographers, designers, activity planners and editors. Students from all classes are welcome and encouraged to join us! Meetings are held during 5th periods and as deadlines approach we will have evening and/or Saturday meetings. If you're looking to help tell the story of your year then yearbook is the perfect club for you!
Advisors: Mr. Denner and Ms. Horsfall