VCS Substitutes

Welcome to the VCS Substitutes Page!
Here, you will find just about everything you will need to ensure you have a successful day! From a mandatory Health Screening Form (required before arriving on campus!) to COVID-19 safety protocol, technology training, parking instructions and pay day information, this is your page to a positive, productive VCS experience.

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Mary Louise McClelland
Substitute Clerk

Health Screening Form (this should be done before arriving on campus)
PreK-12 COVID-19 Toolkit (Protocol for Students and Staff)
  • ALL Subs must contact Mary Louise if they develop COVID symptoms, have had contact with someone that was positive or is isolating if they have subbed in our district in the past two weeks.
Substitute Requirements upon Arrival
  • Must have a Photo ID with you
  • Must have a mask
  • Must sign in at main office (this is used for time sheet)
Superintendent's Message

Cyber Security Training Recorded Session